Our company


Bioagroinsumos S.A.S It will differ on the market with the production of organic credits for the national and international consumption with standard high places of quality, for improvement of agricultural cultures, taking advantage of the Colombian existing technology and doing that the farmers produce healthy and healthy food for the consumer.


Our vision is to be a Colombian leading company in the production and international of organic credits national with a human equipment highly qualified and motivated to place in the production of healthy and free food of chemical pollutants that do not perform harmful to the health. Hereby, to gain credibility of the clients to extend the market of the innovative product to improve the quality of the food.


About us

Bioagroinsumos S.A.S, is a company registered in the Chamber of Trade of Bogota, dedicated to the production of organic products for the agro - bioabono i liquidate BIOXINIS & AVISANA organic mineral soil conditioner. Bioagroinsumos S.A.S. is a company of production of organic credits that improves the results in the agricultural cultures, with standard high places of quality. Taking advantage of the Colombian existing technology it does that the farmers produce healthy and healthy food for the consumer These products organic it has the scientific support of laboratories due recognized on having certified the organic respective composition, which it it allows to present to the farmers as an alternative to obtain agricultural products of green stamp, although his properties allow to nourish the soil of the components that he needs, as charitable microorganisms, of organic matter and minor elements, since to allow products that are not contaminated by chemists.